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Our Females


Southland's She's a Peach (Peach)

Meet our newest female puppy, Peach!  She is already becoming one of our favorites. Peach is good-natured and easy to train.  We look forward to watching her grow!

Ford's Clarabelle Farmstead (Clara)

Clara is extremely alert to everything around her.  She is always to first to spot a fox in the woods or a hidden deer.  She has a beautiful silky white coat.  Clara is our favorite camping companion since she prefers to hang around familiar territory.

Southland's Song of Glory (Lory)

Lory is truly 'man's best friend".  She craves attention and loves to sit as close as she can to you.  She absolutely adores water and often stands in her water bowl!  She is stocky, with a blocky head and thick fur.

Females: Females
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